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Bad Check Restitution Program

What Do I Do if I am Paid with a Bad Check?

When a person receives a worthless check, whether it is returned due to insufficient funds or on a stop payment, they are required by Florida law to notify the check writer.

If the check writer makes payment at this point, the issue is considered resolved.

However, if the check writer refuses to make restitution, the check can be turned over to the Check Enforcement Program of the Office of the State Attorney.

The victim should contact this program as follows:

            Office of the State Attorney
            Bad Check Restitution Program
            P.O. Box 3855
            West Palm Beach, FL 33402-3855
            Phone: 1-855-208-1309 (Victim's hotline)
            1-855-252-9820 (Check writer's hotline); Fax: 1-800-704-5415             Website:

The process is easy: Victims will be asked to submit the original check attached to a completed Check Complaint Form.

            1-855-252-9820 (Check writer's hotline); fax: 1-800-704-5415 Website:

This form can be found on the State Attorney’s Office Web site or requested by calling the program at 1-855-208-1309. Multiple checks (from the same check writer) may be attached to the same form.

The check writer will be given two choices: comply with the requirements of the program, which includes restitution to the victim, or face possible prosecution.