2009 Spring Term Presentments
Grand Jury Final Presentment
Order Unsealing Presentment Final Presentlment
Exibit 1 PBC Organizational Chart
Exibit 2 GFOA Recommended Practices
Exibit 3 PBC Competitive Selection of Bond Underwriters Policy for Negotiated Sales
Exibit 4 PBC Dept Issuance Process Review
Exhibit 5 PBC Debt Management Policy (Draft)
Exhibit 6 12/15/2005 Interoffice Communication from PBC Property Appraiser
Exhibit 7 3 Appraisals 06-09-2005, 11-23-2005, 05-25-2006
Exhibit 8 Agenda Item Summary 12-05-2005 (NorthLake Blvd Right-of-Way Acquisition
Exhibit 9 2009 Remaining Discretionary Funds by District
Exhibit 10 PBC Lobbyist Registration Ordinance
Exhibit 11 Miami-Dade Ordinance Establishing Commission on Ethics and Public Trust
Exhibit 12 Ethics Pledge
Exhibit 13 PBC Ethics Recommendations
Exhibit 14 Miami-Dade Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics Ordinance
Exhibit 15 Leon County-Sansom Indictment and Presentment
Exhibit 16 Proposed Florida Statute 838.23 Theft or Deprivation of Honest Services
Exhibit 17 2005 Internal Auditor Resolution
Exhibit 18 PBC 2007 External Audit Report
Exhibit 19 Clerk & Comptroller Proposal
Exhibit 20 Miami-Dade Ordinance Establishing the Office of the Inspector General
Exhibit 21 OIG Memorandum of Understanding
Exhibit 22 2007 Miami-Dade County Inspector General Report
Exhibit 23 PBC Convention and Visitors Bureau Audit (Executive Summary)